Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My morning painting spree!

One of our daughter's early homes in GA was a precious, small white house in a cow pasture. I loved the openness and the quiet scenery from every window.  A few years ago it was moved and that lovely spot is now a huge housing development.  I did a small oil of the cow pasture that our daughter has in her new home but I have always wanted to paint the photo I took of this lonely looking home in the middle of nowhere.  This summer I took a photo of a painting in a gallery that made me think of that house and I was captured by  the artist's use of color.

I can hardly believe that I finally did that painting today in just the morning hours!! It was so much fun and wonder if I dare to hope that I can make myself do so many other paintings that I dreamed of doing when I took the photos.
I thought you might enjoy seeing my morning journey.  1) the backyard cow painting 2) the inspiration painting 3) The house photo is made up of three photos taped together and you can see it at the top to the easel above the old painting (18"x22")that I covered with burnt sienna. The rest show a little of the progression - the drawing, local color and getting in those DARKS!!!  Must tell you that I only used flat bristle brushes..running them sideways to make the fine lines... Stood up to paint and swung my arms...wish I could count that as exercise!  As I look at it now I feel bad that I lost that nice burnt sienna underpainting  Hope to paint again this week!!!!

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