Friday, December 2, 2011

2nd Painting This Week!!

I can hardly believe that tomorrow I may finish my second painting this week!  For years I have been taking photos of scenes that I see as possible paintings but never putting them onto a canvas.  What has been making this happen this week?  I think it is because I have decided not to just copy the scene I saw but to think about why I chose it and be free to make it say whatever I want it to have the creative freedom to say in paint whatever I want that image to say. No opaque projector -  I think I know how to use value but I have a lot to learn about using color and that is going to be my playground  for a while.
I thought you might like to go on this journey with me. The last thing I care about is realism...I want to have fun.... Tell me what you think about the painting and the colors I pick..It can make a picture go in so many different directions. Here are my beginnings with this 10"x 14"painting that I call Harwichport #1.  My main focus is on that fence and that great shadow pattern...That is what I loved when I took the picture.  Will do my best to show the finished painting tomorrow.

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