Monday, December 5, 2011


Thank you so much for signing up for emails from this site.  Nice to know someone is reading this besides just me!!  Enjoyed getting a response from that chicken recipe... Share some of your favorites with me and I can pass them on.
I am truly trying to paint almost every day. . . but when I get started I don't want to stop and then have to  give a whole day to working around the house....  Had to work on this one because I promised you that I would and I appreciate that incentive.
 I never did anything like this before and really am enjoying myself... I don't think of this as finished...I see lots of changes I want to make but I just have to do the dishes and make supper....will put it aside and make adjustments later.  Nice to throw reality to the wind!!! Hope you understand what I am trying to do with color.  We will chat about it as I go along.

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