Saturday, December 3, 2011

Colour & Light

No painting to show you as I promised but I did have a productive morning trying to get started. Ran to an art book I bought years ago because it was filled with colorful oil paintings that I only dreamed of painting.  "Now is the time"! I thought. I dug through all my old oils to find the colors he used (he said it was Manet's palette) and I squeezed them out according to my color wheel.  I had to give up some of my favorites but that is the only way to make a change.  My plan is to keep the lumps of color in the paint box with a cover that I can keep fresh in the freezer and mix my paint on the glass outside the box.  Here are the colors used by Nicholas Verrall - go to / to see some of his work.
 cad yellow, yellow ochre, raw sienna, cad orange, cad red, permanent rose, permanent magenta. permanent mauve, ultramarine, cobalt blue, manganese blue, viridian, Venitian red,  and raw umber...and titanium black.  There are 3 blues - a blue green, real blue, and blue violet and only 1 green.. viridian, which I never liked - must learn to make my greens from blues & yellows.

Here are some photos: 1) sample of Verrall's work  2) a color harmony chart 3) my painting set-up. Stuff on the edges are on the way out. I tried to put complimentary colors opposite each other so that I can make some great grays.
Let's see if I can get  the painting done by Monday! Aso want to first make my own color wheel to get the feel of using my new colors.  Hope you will learn along with me....I feel like I am on a new adventure!!!

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