Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just want you to know that I am not goofing off with my painting.  Feels so good to have an idea on canvas that has been in my head for over year.  Took this photo of our daughter at her daughter's graduation celebration in her back yard. Years ago I saw a painting that was a portrait, still life and a landscape and that is in my mind as I work on this.  I  did not use the projector... just washed in values and shaped and let it take form. Just trying to decide on colors before I work on more detail. Decided to make the background grass lighter and more yellow to bring out the portrait in the shade. Goal right now is to make the flowers strong and keep the portrait soft.  Thought you might like to watch the changes take place.  Will lower table and change angle..Think I like that table cool. Need something vertical - like that cup - on the table.  What color? Will post today's work here tomorrow.  Hope you are painting and that I can keep at it!!!

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