Monday, December 5, 2011


Had to share this with all my praying friends - right away!!!!
Just came back from my visit with my cancer doctor to get the result of my bone marrow biopsy.  It was 90% infected last year.  David and I just sat in silence as Dr. Rohatgi seemed to read and reread the report.  Finally he said "I looks like it is all gone!"...then he said that his usuall procedure is to follow up with a few chemo sessions but, in my case, he sees no need to do that!!! 

WOW...I have been feeling  so great that I knew that God had been at work in me and part of me expected that report.  Strange, but I am not so much rejoicing in this possible healing as I am in the certainty that I have experience this year that God is truly at work in my life - no matter what happens to my body....His ways are always perfect and I want Him to do whatever He deems His best for my entrance into His visible Kingdom.  I know that right now I am a part of His invisible Kingdom in this world ruled by "the prince of the power of the air"...the one who tempted Jesus by offering Him all of this world if He would just worship him!  I would not have missed this past year for anything... It has made the invisible so much more visible to me and I am excited about each day He gives me until He takes me home.

Thank you so very much for all your prayers for me - I know that He has answered within me no matter how He handled this body tent in which I live. I pray His best for you this coming year - whatever that might be . . .accept it with thankfulness and anticipation as you draw closer to Him.  As we get older we know that the worse is yet to come - possibly the loss of a spouse or other unhappy things within our family and friends -  but He has promised to never, never, never leave our side - to never, never, never forsake us... WOW - that is a fantastic promise - and He never breaks a promise!!!!

lots of love and hugs,
Janet and David

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