Saturday, December 17, 2011

God's Provision!!

Posted this painting so you can see that I am still working on it during this busy Christmas season. Just wiped out all those flowers so I can create an nice bouquet.  Will I get it done next week???

Must share my excitement to what I see as my Father's clear answer to prayer. Every year our Chapel gets the names of 10 needy families at our local school and we give them a huge Thanksgiving food basket. At Christmas we get the names, sizes and toy wish of all the children in those families and our folk pick a child to shop for gifts.  This year we had hoped to also supply them with some food but nothing was happening and hubby and I were disappointed because the gifts are to be delivered tomorrow.
Three days ago a man came to our Bible study asking if we could find some people that could use the food in his trunk. A Beauty salon had collected it and he tried to deliver it to a food bank today but they told him to come back later.  We piled the food bags into our trunk. The next day we got a call from our Stonecrest Art Society saying they wanted to give us a $200 check to help with caring for these families.  We rushed to Sam's and bought ten $20 baked hams wrapped in beautiful gold paper to put on top of our food baskets. What a mighty God we serve!  We think we have to do it all but He does it all in His own amazing way! Hope to get a good photo of all this "stuff" to post tomorrow.

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