Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sciatica and family photo

Have been looking for 2011 tax information and just realized that I can find most of my life story from 2009 on this blog and in my "sent" Gmail!...So amazing to read all those old letters I wrote and see all the photos I posted here.  Now I see a need to keep it up to date... at least some big events.

Recently discovering that I have Sciatica was a huge event for me. . . but I am so thankful it wasn't what I thought it was...  For the last few months the outside of my right leg would get "pins & needles" like a numb feeling but I thought it was coming from the knee replacement I had 6 years ago and thought it would just go away.  About two weeks ago I had terrible pain on the side of that knee that would not let me sleep and I spent every night walking the floor with pain...days were fine so I took a lot of naps. All I could think of was that the knee might need to be replaced.  Finally I went to the place where the knee was done to get an x-ray.  The knee looks like the day it was put thankful for that....but I was told that my problem was probably an inflamed sciatic nerve.  Was told to sleep on my tummy, apply heat and cold, do the exercises they gave me and take 4 ibuprofen twice a day for two weeks.  Today is the 5th day and I have been sleeping the last two nights and feel I am on the road to recovery.
Guess my Father thought I needed a lesson in pain....hope I was a good was a lot tougher than leukemia - that just made me sleep a lot and get a lot of needles. I now have a lot more sympathy for others in pain and I did need that!

Here is our latest photo of our daughter Ammi (red slacks), hubby, Richard (golf pro) with Rachel, 17 - Emily - 19 and Benjamin - 14 who live in Ringgold, GA.  How did those kids get so tall?

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