Friday, May 18, 2012

Illustrating "Heaven Is Now"

Looks like I just might get to work on my new blog a lot more than I have been working here.  Since I am trying to do illustrations for that blog to help me understand what I am reading in "Heaven is Now" I thought I could post them here and chat with my art friends about my art.
I took a photo of David a few years ago in Panera Bread with my phone and was amazed at how great it was... Hubby, David, spends hours there studying his Bible for his sermons.  To me the sky and clouds outside made me think of all the heavenly thoughts going on in his mind.  Not sure if I communicated that in this little oil painting but it satisfies me.  I used this on my other blog for "Awake - Heaven is Now.
Today I needed an illustration for "FEEL THE FREEDOM OF GRACE"
I now realize it is impossible to find the time to paint every illustration if I want to daily put the time in the scriptures which is my first love.  So..I have decided to just make a reference photo using Google Images that I may someday get to turn into a painting.  I think my Father gave me the thought of handcuffs and I found a great photo and one of Jesus and heaven... but how can I cut those handcuffs to show the freedom from all the rules of religion that tie us in knots and see what Jesus did for us.... Don't those scissors work great?!!!  Now I need to work on tomorrow's lesson.  Hope someone joins my new blog!

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