Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just what I don't need..Another blog...but I'm doing it anyway!! Have been richly blessed reading the new book by Andrew Farley "Heaven is Now" and to dig into it I've decided to make my daily study into a blog and make paintings to help me remember each lesson. You can check my progress by going to"
My method is to take the verses and write them as if Jesus is speaking to me...much like the "Jesus Calling" devotional. I have been doing that for years along with the letters I write back to my "Father". 
This 18"x24" oil "Bubbles of Blessings - from darkness to Light" will be submitted to the" Lilly Oncology On Canvas" Art Competition & Exhibition.  One of my students kept encouraging me to enter but I gave up trying to come up with an idea...Then I saw a photo of a man blowing bubbles and then took a similar photo of myself.  I really sensed the Lord directing me through all of this...I did this painting in about two hours and it seemed to come to life all by itself. 
My hope is to post that blog almost every day...and to hit this one more often with my art.  Praying that I will see it to the end of that book and not give up.
Hope you check it out and drop me some comments.

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