Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in HarwichPort

Last post was 2011 with a photo of a painting from Harwichport, MA... now I am writing again from Harwichport.  The Cottage we usually stay in had been sold and  we asked our Father to provide... and He arranged one week in Dennisport as a gift from our son and one week in Harwich sharing with family members  flying in from Houston.  What an AWESOME GOD we serve.  My paints are all set up on the back deck of our cottage but we are off to the beach today.  Trying to find some inspiration to get me painting tonight or tomorrow... Just got a great Canon camera with a 12X Zoom but don't expect to see many children on the private beach we are heading for. 
I am now on FaceBook!!! Just came pack after 2 years away because I heard that it is a great place to sell art...Where do I begin with all of this??  So much to learn!  Hope you join me on this journey... Maybe, someday, I can help someone else along this way.

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