Monday, March 18, 2013


Something new for me - my first stab at Christian Imagination Art.  I fell in love with "The Shack" image of the female Holy Spirit pulling out all the "negative weeds" in my life and lovingly planting the gifts from my Father - Love, Joy, Hope, Peace and this is the picture that kept flooding my mind....far from perfect..but it is a relief to get it on canvas.  As I painted the background colors the image of Father running to embrace the prodigal son out of the darkness just seemed to appear and I love seeing that motion of His being completed by His Holy Spirit working in the day to day life of the believer.  I kept wanting to find a way to complete the Trinity by adding Jesus and just now I see the possibility of putting him in the red area, on the cross, blood shed for our redemption!...but then - the resurrection!!!
Without that we would have nothing.  May you be in the scriptures this Easter season...rejoicing in that resurrection!  Would love to hear your honest thoughts on this painting...easy to get blind to something I have worked on for so long.  It is available for a print at  I must work on another with a better image of the book she is a effervesant Asian woman working in jeans and garden clothing- always busy digging in the soil of our lives.

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